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We deliver astrology readings at your convenience, in a way that suits you.
We are equally happy to offer consultations on a wide range of topics from your spiritual wellbeing to an overall evaluation of your character, as well as advising on the best dates to proceed with important life events or the likelihood of a personal relationship.
Whether you’ve had your star signs analysed before or you are a first-timer,
we'll be happy to walk you through our process and services.

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Short Queries

Prashna Shastra is the branch of astrology that deals with answering a question based on the moment of the question; it is also called Horary Astrology. It gives the answers to any question by making a kundli of the time when the question is asked. The answer is derived by calculating planetary positions in the moment you ask the question.

If you are not interested in all the detailed report but want to get straight down to the point, if you are currently troubled or depressed with a single problem or just want to be sure before you take a major decisions in your life. Then this is the perfect service for you. You can ask me any question that matters to you the most like those related to your career, health, business or personal life. The answer to your question will be a complex, collective and conclusive unique combination of the predictions and advices, altogether making it unique and absolutely true.

Important decisions in life require a thoughtful planning and expert guidance of course. If you are at a crossroad point in your life and unsure of which way to take, if you are currently troubled or depressed by few particular problems, they can be related to any field such as finance, business, career, marriage, children, education, foreign travel, love affairs etc. An Astrology consultation is a great way to receive insightful answers for the most significant questions in your life. This brief report will provide you with clear insight about the present situation and what to expect in the future and will also answer to your specific queries related to any sphere of life like health, profession, financial matters, romantic alliance, marriage life and all sort of questions that poke your mind, every day. You will be also suggested with specific remedies to negate the harmful effects planetary alignments/combinations, if any, in your birth chart.

Annual Report & Horoscope

Career has a major role in life. This detailed month to month  career forecast is an analysis your career status including salary increases, potential advancements in your position, new job opportunities and your work environment, which will help you avoid unfavorable career situations and gives an idea of getting promoted or entrusted with the important task. It will give you a clear idea about what lies ahead, what planets are sending your way and how you can be prepared to take advantage of all those. This annual career report will forewarn you about pitfalls or any possibility of a break in advance so that you can tune your strategies thereby not ending up in committing career blunders or taking wrong decisions. The suggested remedies will help you decrease the adverse influences of the negative planets, so you stay protected and rise in your career by advance planning and harnessing your true potential so as to lead a contended life.

The annual health report extremely helpful as it details key analysis of astrological transits and their repercussions on your personalized horoscope casting off certain influence in your health. Health Predictions will provide you with a deep insight as to how your present or future health conditions might be, what are the risk factors you are likely to encounter, how you can avoid risks, and most likely your overall well-being predictions. Health Horoscope would provide you with suggestions about what type of life style is best suited for you, what else can improve your present health conditions if any. The vital part is to make best use of these predictions is to avoid and prevent your health risks to a great extent. In this report, you will be guided with invaluable details of your health as to which particular days would result in adverse effects on your health, risks to avoid for the sake of your health, and proper guidance to empower yourself with sound health.

Wealth brings social security, enjoyments and all comforts of this world and is a necessity nobody in the world can ignore. This annual report will tell you exactly which areas or job would give you maximum benefits of money and gains in a very constructive manner. It will identify the right place of investments which can help you grow and let you explore the opportunities of making money. With this guidance you will be able to overcome financial crisis or any other related problems; you will be guided in the right direction and will be aware of various things that you need to know for a wealthy future.

Life Time Reports

The career report assesses your personality to reveal the attributes helping the career growth. It lets you explore your personality features helpful for finding a successful career prospect. You can know about your aptitudes and hidden skill sets potential to specific work/profession and lets you know your strengths for choosing a right career path. It will underline both benefic and malefic yogas in your birth chart affecting your career and will explain what effects they would cast. Thereby helping you not only to plan and secure your career but also will tell about your opportunities in career, the luck factors, possible delays in professional matters, business potentials, the flow of funds etc. This report will study the periods/inter periods to let you know your favourable periods for career & business. Whether you are an employee or a business person, this report will help you identify the potential periods for improving your career

Health is one of our most important gifts from the almighty up above. With hectic lifestyles, binge eating and erratic sleeping habits, our health is being ruined. Sometimes, we suffer unknowingly as well and to know the root cause, we require astrological intervention. The information in this report includes an assessment of your Natal Chart specifically focusing on health related matters. And the prime focus of this report is not only to give you a picture of some of the astrological indicators in the horoscope that correspond with your health and wellness but also to provide you with some useful tips about physical health as well as about mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This report aims to point out the malefic yogas in birth chart that can manifest as health problems, or imbalances, and to suggest possible causes and/or treatments that might be of benefit. It includes a range of nutritional advice, stress management tips and therapy options for a healthy and happy life.

Arguably, wealth is one of the most significant factors to sustain in life. Being wealthy allows you to stand without any fear and judgments and confidence and is an important part of the livelihood. In fact, no basic necessity of a human life can be accomplished without money. Despite of wealth accrual being one of the most important parts of our lives, most of us are unable to accumulate enough wealth in life. The wealth report include your possibilities and opportunities of acquiring wealth (money, properties or any other asset) and the changing financial situations. The report will guide you in your money dealings. It lets you know where to invest and what asset you should acquire to benefit in the future to avoid losses and not only make the proper use of your money but also identify the right places of investments which can help you grow and let you explore the opportunities of making money. The report will forewarn about financial challenges you could face as the result of malefic yogas & horoscope congestions, and suggests remedies to tackle difficult situations. It checks the horoscope for the possibilities of benefic Dhan yogas and gives a preview of your life’s financial status and finds out your favourable & unfavourable periods for gaining wealth.

Marriage is an important aspect of life and holds a vast significance in our culture and beliefs and is coming together of two individuals, from different backgrounds and upbringing, to live together and raise up a family in a world of their own. A marital relationship is not merely about love. It is also about giving, sharing, sacrificing and adjusting. Marriage horoscope report tells you about the favorable periods by analyzing the planetary positions that decide the time to tie the knot. The predictions based on your birth chart points out the factors causing delay & difficulty and help you overcome by suggesting possible remedies and focuses on providing a broad, predictive compatibility forecast of your marital life, about your spouse, the bond you’ll share, highs and lows and much more based on planetary positions. In this report you’ll get to know how planets may influence your life and shape up your marital bond. You’ll get an analyzed narrative summoning the possibility of marriage by a certain time, and factors casting an impression in your marriage with your spouse.

Special Report

Science of gemstone astrology is based on the fact that cosmic forces of planets govern human body and life. The cosmic structure of our birth chart defines how much of a help we will get from destiny in the course of our lives. Our birth chart and the position of planets make our physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and even karmic self and are the key deciding factor of the gemstone one should wear. Gemstones are known to affect an individual’s emotional and mental state of being and alter the course of destiny in an individual’s life. The enhancements in the particular planetary using a gem will at times help remove the malefic effect of planets. If a proper gemstone is selected after thorough examination of horoscope, it is bound to give you desired results. This report will cover the necessary aspects related to changes caused by gemstones in your career, health, education and marriage and the changes that are going to take place in these spheres of your life. It will brief you about the positive welcoming change that you will witness, further encouraging you to take steps in the direction of happiness. In case there is any issue, then you will be forewarned well in advance.

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